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Frank Kamal

Strategy & Business Advisor


One does not have to hold a realtors® license to be an integral part of an agency. Just ask business consultant Frank Kamal. Frank is instrumental in the behind-the-scenes workings of the Real Estate Experts team, as he partners closely with Brett Jennings to help scale and structure the agency’s growth.

A native of Iran who moved to the Bay Area when he was 16, Frank’s professional backgrounds include 15 years of business consulting as well as various executive and business ownership positions. Bolstering those talents are degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business. While he is not a working real estate professional, his personal experiences with the industry come in being a homeowner and a part-time investor in real estate projects.

As a business consultant, Frank specializes in working with small and medium businesses and he has been working with the Brett Jennings team for two years. He has a knack for seeing through the noise, identifying what’s essential in a business, and providing focus on what’s truly important. His process is simple: listen, understand, and then deliver suitable solutions.

An avid soccer fan, Frank has been a player, coach, and a fan of the game for all of his life.

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